From simple workflow optimisation to large scale data integration, we can develop a FileMaker database solution to suit your needs. Whether it's a new solution or an extension to an existing one, our Certified FileMaker Developers can provide an elegant, user-friendly solution.


We specialise in FileMaker database upgrades to the latest version from any previous version, including data migration and optimised functionality. We can also transition your database to iOS mobile technology using FileMaker Go allowing you access to your data "on the go".


Need your FileMaker database to talk to other software? We can integrate your FileMaker solution into workflow practices to provide seamless data transfer between applications - ranging from spreadsheets to specific cloud based services such as websites and e-mail campaign management.

FileMaker Certified

Since 1996 we've been developing and supporting FileMaker solutions across a range of businesses, focusing on quality, integrative solutions.

Certification by FileMaker Inc means peace of mind as it ensures our developers are well-versed in all aspects of the FileMaker technology stack. It is a rigorous process that tests a developer's knowledge and establishes a minimum standard of technical competence. We are currently certified in v15, v14, v13 and v12.

To ensure quality solutions, expert knowledge and technical competency must be coupled with experience in implementing the technology, i.e the ability to apply the knowledge in a way that meets the client's needs. At code2go we have over 20 years experience developing effective and efficient FileMaker solutions to a broad range of businesses in industries such as health, education, retail and construction.

Recent News

FileMaker have started releasing details of their next version to their developer network. We now have a chance to play with the pre-release software and we're looking forward to seeing how the new features work.

v15 Certified!
It's been a busy year, but finally we have managed to achieve certification in FileMaker version 15. We're looking forward to pushing on in 2017 and helping even more people improve their businesses with tailored solutions that fit their needs.

Why FileMaker?

FileMaker has for decades been a tool for rapid application development that enables the creation of elegant solutions without needing to understand traditional computer programming languages. It is constantly being improved to take advantage of features made available by different devices and operating systems.

Plus, being an Apple Subsidiary means developing in FileMaker is one of the easiest ways to create an iOS application for the iPhone and iPad. Learn more about FileMaker >here.

Bespoke or Generic?

Pre-built (generic) apps are cheaper to purchase because the cost of creating them is spread over a large number of customers. The trade-off however is that the ability to customise to suit business needs is often limited and their inability to integrate with other software or business process can significantly affect efficiency and costs.

A professionally-developed custom (bespoke) solution can fill the gaps by integrating with existing applications, streamlining manual processes or become a fully-fledged business solution in its own right. Talk to us about this can work for you >here.

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About Us

Who we are

code2go is a new venture focusing on software solutions built in FileMaker. Our aim is to provide quality tailored solutions to meet individual specific needs in small to medium business. We use the right tools for the job, follow best coding practices and protocols, specify clear outcomes and align feature requests within budgetary constraints. We are a customer focused team with access to an extensive network of professionals that supplement our service delivery. Services such as hardware and software support, networking advice, database and server hosting, maintenance and management, additional developers, integration specialists, web development and more. Ask us how we can help you >here.

Custom Solutions

Software solutions are best when they are built to clearly-defined needs and designed to suit the devices that are available. It's more than just how it looks - it has to play to the strengths and minimise the weaknesses of each device (and user!) to actually solve the problems faced by the business. Custom solutions can sound like the expensive option but the efficiency and savings the business is able to achieve can be realised in a surprisingly short time. Many "off the shelf" systems don't integrate or don't provide the exact business requirements so business either have to change processes which may be less than ideal or develop costly manual workarounds as a "gap filler". Find out more >here.

Our Team

Daniel, Principal Developer

sampleWith over 20 years developing, integrating and supporting solutions, across a range of business types, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Daniel has a Bachelor of Computing with an added major in Accounting so he is well-versed in business practices and operations. A regular contributor to FileMaker support forums, Daniel is the "go-to-guy" when it comes to FileMaker.

Carolyn, Business Manager

sampleCarolyn brings her extensive business and corporate background to code2go, focusing on business consultancy, scope definition, scheduling and other "behind the scenes" activities. Carolyn has a Bachelor in Commerce (with an added major in commercial law) and provides expert business knowledge and direction to keep code2go on track and ensure client satisfaction.

Brian, Technical Advisor

sampleAn Electrical Engineer with over 50 years in the IT industry including hardware technical support, networking, server support, training, SEO and web development, there isn't much Brian doesn't know or hasn't seen. Although retired, he is on hand to provide technical and on-line trend information, and is invaluable in his advice for code2go across a range of technologies.

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Certified FileMaker Developer with extensive knowledge and experience in multiple versions including the latest, across a range of businesses.

samplecode2go exists to solve business problems using a variety of tools and techniques centred around FileMaker technologies. We provide a range of services from mobile to desktop to cloud services aimed at creating efficiency by streamlining business processes and integrating solutions and technologies to maximise effectiveness in the office and in the field. We have valuable experience operating across a number of business sectors including education, retail, health and more. We also have sound business, accounting and compliance knowledge which provides the added benefit of understanding business needs and drivers when developing solutions. We have a number of database solutions available to view so you can get a clear picture of how we work and what we do. We can also arrange for referrals so you can be sure you are investing in a solid reliable and importantly applicable solution. Much of our work in delivered via Upwork which shows our track record and client satisfaction - both of which are important to us. To talk to us about how we can work with you to come up with a custom solution that meets your needs contact us >here.

Solution Development

sampleWe pride ourselves on economical and efficient code developed using best of breed practices that take advantage of the latest device and operating system capabilities. We invest the time to identify the problem clearly, design an appropriate set of processes to solve the problem, create a working prototype and refine based on customer feedback until further work no longer provides adequate benefit for the cost. We maintain accurate documentation and test thoroughly before deploying to a production environment.

Database Server Management

sampleFor clients who require their FileMaker database to be hosted, code2go offers a FileMaker Server Management Service. From hosting through to preventative maintenance you can have peace of mind knowing that for a monthly fee your database availability is maximised and importantly database management and maintenance is being performed by a qualified and experienced FileMaker Server manager. For more information and a competitive quote, contact our Database Manager >here.

Problem Resolution

sampleHave a FileMaker database that isn't behaving the way it should? We may be just who you are looking for. code2go provides troubleshooting and problem resolution services that can audit your database, identify and fix problems, tune-up your database and identify opportunities to optimise its performance. Ask us >here.


sampleIs it time to upgrade your version of FileMaker? Sometimes this is a fairly straightforward process but other times version changes can be quite complicated and complex. code2go has experience across a significant number of FileMaker versions so you can be confident in upgrading your database to the latest technology. Contact us >here.

FileMaker Go

sampleMore and more businesses are looking to equip their staff with access to information when they are out of the office or in the field. Mobile technologies are key to the success of this requirement and FileMaker Go for iOS is perfectly positioned to take advantage of accessing and updating information "on the go". Ask us how >here.

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Contacting Us

Note: Due to the overwhelming number of clever little bots out there that actively look to phish details like phone numbers and e-mail addresses off websites and then bombard them with spam emails and phone calls we have used our own clever little device in our contact form. Given that these bots also automatically populate contact forms we have added the "I am not a robot" verifier - all in an effort to reduce our queries to legitimate requests. We are sure you share this frustration with spam and will understand why we have used this arrangement.
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Our Info:

5 Ross Street
Fernhill, NSW 2519

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm

Not in Australia? We also help international clients via Upwork. Find us on Upwork here.

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